2025 Mini Cooper EV Unvieled Leading Mini's 2030 Electric Vision

2025 Mini Cooper EV Unveiled Leading Mini’s 2030 Electric Vision

Key Takeaways

  1. The 2025 Mini Cooper EV is set to hit the market, aligning with Mini’s goal to be fully electric by 2030.
  2. The design combines futuristic elements with classic Mini cues, available in both two and four doors, and various powertrains.
  3. The interior boasts a 9.5-inch OLED screen, with the exterior featuring sustainable materials and a fresh design.

A Nod to the Past, A Leap to the Future

The fifth-generation two-door Mini Cooper is making waves in the automotive world. Not only is it reverting to a more compact size reminiscent of its roots, but it’s also leading the charge with its electric variant. This move aligns with the brand’s ambitious goal to transition to an all-electric lineup by 2030. The unveiling at the Munich auto show also showcased the 2025 Mini Countryman, another electric marvel from the brand.

2025 Mini Cooper EV Unvieled Leading Mini's 2030 Electric Vision

Design Evolution: Classic Meets Contemporary

Mini has always been about preserving its iconic design while embracing the future. The new lineup, now named “Cooper”, does just that. Whether you’re looking at the two-door, four-door, convertible, or electric version, the Cooper’s design is a harmonious blend of past and present.

Christopher Wehner, the head of Mini product and launch management, mentioned the distinct naming conventions: Cooper C for gasoline-powered and Cooper E for electric. And for those seeking a bit more thrill, the sportier versions will carry an ‘S’ badge.

2025 Mini Cooper EV Unvieled Leading Mini's 2030 Electric Vision

Back to Basics with a Modern Twist

Thomas Sycha, the head of Mini exterior design, emphasized the brand’s desire for a simpler yet modern design. The Cooper’s exterior pays homage to the original Mini but with a longer wheelbase, larger wheels, and sustainable materials.

The new octagonal front grille and dynamic rear lights add a touch of modernity. Mini enthusiasts will also appreciate the body-colored design, replacing the previous Black Band, and the availability of four trims, including the John Cooper Works.

Tech-Forward Interior

Inside the Cooper, the 9.5-inch round OLED screen takes center stage. While technologically advanced, this feature pays tribute to the original round instrument cluster from 1959.

The screen is versatile, allowing drivers to customize backgrounds and choose from eight Experience Modes. Another nod to the original design is the toggle switches, now evolved to house key functions, making the interior both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Performance and Range

The electric Cooper promises an enhanced driving experience. The base Cooper E boasts a 135-kilowatt electric motor, while the Cooper SE offers even more power. The range is impressive, with the Cooper E providing 190 miles and the SE stretching to 250 miles.

Fast charging capabilities mean minimal waiting times, ensuring the Cooper remains a top choice for those seeking both performance and convenience.

2025 Mini Cooper EV Unvieled Leading Mini's 2030 Electric Vision


The electric Coopers will be manufactured in China, while the internal combustion engine (ICE) variants will continue to be produced in Oxford, U.K. The U.S. can expect the Mini Cooper two-door with an ICE in the first half of 2024, followed by the four-door hardtop. An exciting addition to the lineup is the Aceman, an EV-only compact five-door set to debut next year.

With the 2025 Mini Cooper, the brand has seamlessly blended its rich history with the demands of the modern world. It’s a testament to Mini’s commitment to innovation while staying true to its roots.

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